How much bigger is a 12-inch pizza vs 10-inch?

A 12-inch pizza is approximately 44% larger than a single 14-inch pizza.

The size of a pizza is determined by its diameter, which is the distance across the center of the pizza. A 12-inch pizza is 2 inches larger in diameter than a 10-inch pizza. However, the difference in size between the two pizzas is not just 2 inches, rather the area of the 12-inch pizza is significantly larger than the area of the 10-inch pizza.

How to calculate the area of a circle

To calculate the area of a circle (and thus the area of a pizza), you use the formula A = Ο€r^2, where A is the area, Ο€ is pi (approximately 3.14), and r is the radius of the circle (which is half the diameter).

But you don’t have to do all these calculations with a pen and pencil β€” use our calculator.

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